Paving the pathway to construction careers

Welcome to “WABA, Build My Future”, an immersive event crafted with a singular vision – to bridge the gap between the rising stars of tomorrow and the thriving world of construction. Whether you’re a student curious about shaping landscapes, an exhibitor eager to showcase the intricacies of your craft, or a sponsor aiming to uplift the next generation while enhancing industry engagement, this is your arena. Dive in, and discover hands-on exhibits, learn from seasoned professionals, and collaborate in an environment that is as educational as it is inspiring. Together, let’s construct a brighter future!

March 6, 2024 - 9am-2pm

Century II Exhibition Hall


Elevate the Industry, Empower the Future.

As a valued sponsor of “WABA, Build My Future,” you’re not just investing in an event; you’re sowing seeds for a future teeming with skilled, passionate professionals. Our mission resonates deeply with the ethos of progress, innovation, and mentorship. By partnering with us, you champion a brighter future for the industry while achieving prominent brand visibility and impactful engagement. Discover the range of sponsorship packages designed to amplify your reach and enhance your return on investment. Let’s build, together.


Showcase Your Craft and Shape Tomorrow.

Exhibitors are the heartbeat of “WABA, Build My Future.” This is your platform to demonstrate the craft, precision, and innovation that drives your trade. Engage with enthusiastic students, offering them a tactile and visual experience that could spark a lifelong passion. Your booth isn’t just a display; it’s a hands-on classroom where aspirations take form. Explore our exhibit options and join a network of professionals dedicated to mentoring the next wave of talent.

Counselors & Teachers

Empower your students, illuminate their future paths.

Open doors to expansive career possibilities for your students at “WABA, Build My Future.” Introduce them to the multifaceted world of construction, ranging from the art of architecture to the intricacies of electrician work, and so much more. Offer them a firsthand opportunity to delve into the industry’s wonders, benefit from seasoned professionals’ wisdom, and engage in workshops crafted to enrich their learning. This isn’t merely an event; it’s the launchpad for a promising journey into the construction realm for our budding professionals.